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Heckler & Koch P9s Hammer, P9s - Hammer, P9s

P9S HAMMER, P9S Mfg: Heckler & Koch  Read more 

from Brownells   
Store Rating: Brownells
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Keysco Tools 5-Lb. Slide Hammer Dent Puller - Model 77085

To use dent puller, drill a 1/8in. hole in sheet metal, turn screw into hole and hammer out dents. Includes 1/2-20 nose piece screw puller, 'L' puller, and door edge tool with 2 nuts. Single, Pair, or Set Single, Product Type Dent puller. 1/2in. shaft...  Read more 

from Northern Tool   
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Performance Tool Slide Hammer Puller Set, Model W89725

The Performance Tool slide hammer puller set features a slide hammer with multiple attachments. Single, Pair, or Set Set, Product Type Dent puller. 2/3 jaw internal and external pullers Rear axle puller Locking pliers adapter Puller hook Dent puller...  Read more 

from Northern Tool   
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