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Beltronics GT- 360 Radar Detector Extreme Range 360 Degree Laser Detector

Features UNMATCHED DETECTION - 360 degrees and lightning fast response Protection in all directions: Front and rear antennas scan completely around your vehicle and pinpoint signal location. Fastest Response: DSP technology finds threats faster and...  Read more 

from Beach Camera   
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Escort Sticky Cup Radar Detector Mount

ESCO1023 Features Strong adherence to the windshield Thumb wheel for angle adjustment Locking clamp Works with all current radar detectors except Passport iQ, SmartRadar and the Passport Max Care instructions: To clean your sticky cup, simply rinse under  Read more 
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RadarMount Car Mirror Mount Bracket For Radar Detectors - Escort/Beltronics (3001001)

MirrorMount brackets securely attach devices to your car's rear view mirror, with sturdy metal brackets, and no suction cups. They are compatible with nearly every vehicle. The Mirror Mount bracket securely attaches your Escort Passport 9500ix 8500X50...  Read more 

from Beach Camera   
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